San Juan awaits for the beginning of this adventure

My name is Gabriel. I’m from Alicante, Spain.

It has been a long wait since May, when I was confirmed to be part of the MARVEL DESIGN Architecture Studio in San Juan, Puerto Rico, but the wait has been worth it. It has been many months of uncertainty and disappointment due to the pandemic and restrictions. I had to keep in constant communication with the studio in San Juan, to keep them informed of every change. Architect-US was always there to encourage me and help solve any problems that arose.

Now, since I was finally granted the VISA a week ago, everything is going at double speed and the nerves are starting to show. There are still several tasks to do before I get on the plane, but I am already looking forward to landing and being able to start integrating into the work environment. Finding accommodation is one of the most difficult tasks. The constant search for a flat where I can spend my stay has involved being in contact with many people to ask through rental platforms. To my surprise, all these people always helped me, even without knowing me, and sent me other links and other properties of acquaintances. It is proving difficult to find a place to stay.

I didn’t expect San Juan to have such high rental prices and so little demand. I think the best option, and this has been recommended to me by several people, is to find a flat temporarily for a week (more or less) and once there, move around and visit the areas to look for a flat. Choose where one fits best, the streets, the atmosphere, the people and then decide where to stay. But on the 8th of December I will finally land in San Juan. The bags are packed and everything is ready. The start is expected to be hectic but the desire to start is more than enough.

Let’s get started.

Gabriel Garcia-Cremades


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