Instagram is a great companion

For years I refused to sign up to Instagram. It’s a toxic social network,  Black Mirror told me so. It’s full of people looking for attention, dreaming about becoming and influencer, and ready to do anything to get there. It is in a way, but it is also so much more.

When leaving for LA, alone and 9000 km away from home, I had to think of a good way to keep in touch with my family and my friends. To show them where I live, what I’m doing, to reassure them a little. And of course to see what they are all up to, what is happening at home and abroad. I quickly realized that Instagram was my best option, if not my only one. Facebook is for 50 years old conservative parents, twitter for angry people and Google Plus for dead people. So I crossed the Rubicon and I signed in.

So far, it has been way better than I expected. I chose to be only followed by close friends, and I follow people for who I care. I have daily updates on their lives, I can see how the weather is in Paris, how my friend’s internships are going or what my dog is up to. And I don’t have to send a detailed message to every one of them describing what my new life is, they already know, and that’s pretty convenient. I also really enjoy the artistic aspect of the job: finding a good subject, the right angle, enhance the picture by changing a few settings… It has really been a great experience overall. And is there really a better feeling than making your friend jealous because your life is more exciting ? Yes there is, pride is a sin, and you should be ashamed for just thinking about making your friends jealous.

30 out of the top 100 influencers of the world live in LA, and I kind of understand why. The weather is always perfect, the light is magnificent, especially during the famous golden hour. The landscapes, the Palm trees, the sea, the people… everything seems to be just waiting for you to add on your story. It is not all about selfies on the beach and pictures of your food, it is also about magnifying the city you live in and the experiences you encounter. LA is a great subject, and Instagram is the perfect canvas.


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