Yayoi Kusama Experience !!!!

As this post has become familiar to me, I’m not sure if anybody gets to read it. I will enjoy this brief space to tell anybody my adventure of the month. After a very different christmas from what I was used to, I was thinking about something to do during my long weekend of January 1st so I bought tickets to go to Rubell Museum at Downtown Miami.
I wanted to go since I came to USA, but for some reason other great cultural activities show up and I ended up changing my plans (usually because of the people that I was going with). But with most of my friends out of town because of new years eve, this was my opportunity.
Since I bought the tickets I was eager to go, and this is because I saw that they were exhibiting 3 exhibitions of Yayoi Kusama. Two years ago I went to Toronto to visit my sister that was about to give birth, but because of that I ended up knowing the city by myself, and to be honest, this was a life-changing experience for me.
I went to a lot of museums that the city offered and at the AGO Museum was a Yayoi Kusama exhibition. Since that day I haven’t looked art the same way. For some reason, she gave me an experience with myself through her art that I don’t know with words how to describe. Therefore, I guess that at this point you can feel my excitement of going to Rubell Museum.
The first one was the big spheres all along the hallway making you walk in a certain way, seeing yourself at each step or looking to others or the surroundings in the reflection.
The second one was the one that I’ve been already into it. Is a box full of mirrors with smaller spheres hanging or on the floor, and also has a central box with spheres and more mirrors inside with the idea to look into it and see yourself reflected infinite times. The frame that comes with it is
«When the people see their own reflections multiplied to infinity the then sense there is no limit to man’s ability to project himself into endless space» Yayoi Kusama
And I assure you that is exactly what you feel and think when you look through that box.
The third one was also a box, but different than the other. While the first box was illuminated, this one was completely dark, but as soon as the door close you start seeing a lot of dots of lights that make you feel like floating in the universe. It was like being in the center of a galaxy or even better as if you were part of the universe.  When I started to look closer those dots of light were holes on the wall and the light is from the outside, very clever the artist, to give us an extraordinary experience just with some mirrors and holes.
The rest of the museum had tons of artwork that I really enjoyed looking at and especially reading about the intentions of the artist in it. I took some Instagram-type of photos and that was all for the day!


Laura Velasco


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