Learning Theme Park Design_A day at Universal Theme Park, Orlando

What could be better than attending a training program in theme park design in the world capital of theme park-Orlando and experiencing the Masterpiece of theme parks?

It has been a month since I joined ITEC Entertainment at Orlando and its amazing. My supervisor & my seniors in the office are so helpful and so knowledgeable. I have got an amazing and well equipped desk and have started working on theme park design.

The Adventure Begins

On weekend I visited Universal Island of Adventure & The wizarding world of Harry Potter. I must say it is a Masterpiece, a perfect example of theme park master planning. All the attractions are laid in a sequential manner connected either to a plaza or a to the promenade.  The whole park is scenic, vibrant and full of energy.

The Wizarding world of Harry Potter is a flawless piece of theme park design. The technique of Down-scaling is used so perfect to achieve the visual scale and impart a dramatic and mesmerizing effect overall. The moment I entered the gate, I saw Hogsmeade Station and I was so excited to board the train but I walked ahead to explore Hogsmeade village. Here it is:

I was thrilled by the dragon sitting on the top of a building when it actually blew fire from its mouth. The Design all over the park is enhanced by effect of music and integration with special effects.

And finally, in the evening I attended a light & music show at the castle. I had never seen such an amazing and mesmerizing show in my entire life. I felt as if I am in the world of Harry Potter. I am glad that ITEC was involved in the special effects and control works of the wizarding worls of Harry potter. In coming weeks I will be learning a lot more about theme park designs.

Riyaz Md


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