Chapter 9: Full Moon Night

Halloween is here and this year i must say that is the scariest one ever (maybe because of the pandemic around us). It’s 31st October, houses and frontwards are decorated with the most scary, spunky and sometimes psychedelic things that you can imagine. Kids with their parents or alone, dressed as Skull, witches, skeletons, zombies or spiderman walk around the streets asking the most famous question that every one as ever hear: trick or treating?
This year, because of the situation everything has slowed down a little bit, but nothing can stop Halloween. Furthermore, this time it will be a full moon shining in the sky which has not happened in the last 19 years in 2001. This make the perfect timing to enjoy ( always in a safety way ) this holiday. In southern California happen almost at the same time Halloween and “Día de los Muertos“, a Mexican holiday that consist of remember and pray for the relatives and friends that have passed away.

My Halloween began with a trivia afternoon at Duck Foot Taproom & Kitchen with some friends. We all got dressed with different costumes and try to answer the trivia questions about Halloween. We didn’t have too much success, but the idea was to have fun and we did have it.

After that we just spent the rest of the evening at a friend’s house, who decorated it for the occasion. Bloody shots, mac and cheese that looked like brain, and ice cubes that were fake frozen eyes made me feel the Halloween vibe. Everyone had amazing costumes: vampires, wolfs, zombies, a couple of princess and a super scary zombie of Donald Trump.

I enjoyed all these amazing activities wearing my wolf costume, enough for my first Halloween, but i will have to improve it for next time, there is too much work to do.

Alberto Lozano


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