Aventura’s Concert at Hard Rock Stadium!!!

Since the day that I started working in the office I get along well with a coworker. It was my second week and she said tht she was going with some friends to this concert that if I wanted to go she can try and find a ticket for me. Off course I was trilled with the idea of meeting new people and going to a concert. So my office’s friend arrenged everything and the day of the concert we met at certain point and went to the stadium together. This was my first time going there, and to be honest you feel so tiny inside the building. I was delighted seeing all the enormeous steel joists, the roof, the sound fixtures.

A DJ appeared first and put the whole stadium to dance and after maybe hour and a half or maybe two Aventura’s group made their entrance. I danced and sang throughout the concert and enjoyed every song.

The concert ended really late and the exit was caotic but we made it. My friend offered to give me a ride to where I am staying and I appreciate it. I had Sunday to relax and prepare myself to start the week.

As with my intership I have been happy and enjoying every day. I have been learning that things are different than back home so every day I learn a little more of how things are done here. One day at a time.

Something that has been really useful is that I started to ask everytime my boss explain something that I have to do is: what is the important thing here and to what should I dedicate the time. Because at first I was trying to do things perfectly but my boss started to repeat that that stuff that I was doing had to be emailed to the company to get the shop drawing so I didn’t have to waste a lot of time in that. And when that observations was said continuously I realized that the priorities are different here and because I still don’t know them I have to ask those types of questions till I learnd it.

Laura Velasco


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