living experience in the United States

«Lost On you» living experience in the United States

I have the obligation to tell you that if you are thinking about living experience in the United States, you will fulfill it. It’s never too late, you’ll never know how things can change, and with Architect-US, you’ll go super quiet.
I encourage you to watch, live, enjoy, laugh and above all be brave because you never, never, never know what can happen.
In my little experience, I am preparing to do the interview in the embassy, and I have a little less than two weeks to start my American adventure, I am afraid, vertigo and feeling of emptiness, but I know that I just got a new family, (Architect US) and who have been worried since the minute 0 of having more support than ever.
So you know, who does not risk does not win. These things are worth it, just to have a story more to tell your grandchildren tomorrow.

Marta Barcia


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