Chapter 6: A New typical weekend?

Lots of things have changed in the last 4 months here in San Diego. Some of them have disappeared, other are working at half capacity, but there are still some of them which have reinvented and adapted to this new situation.

Most of these new business have changed their way to work indoor to provide outdoor services. A new normal weekend for me starts at Saturday early in the morning. I wake up and get dressed, ready to go to the outdoor gym. They moved the whole equipment outside so we can keep our physical distance and work out without risk. After that, a nice coffee at Starbucks and something to eat (you need to recover energy).

It’s noon and it is time to my yoga class at Trilogy Sanctuary, a place with a rooftop cafe with a deck where you can practice yoga meanwhile you can enjoy a beautifull view of La Jolla neighborhood. The sound of the waves and the seagulls are the music for this exercise. You can also enjoy its vegan cafe before (but it wasnt my case this time)
After my practice it’s lunch time so I decided this time go for a burger, and there is no better place than Rocky’s at crown point. They have the best burgers in my opinion and you can only pay with cash. Unlucky they dont offer inside service, only take away but you can find a nice spot along the mission bay to lay on the grass and eat.

It looks like there isnt anything else to do on a Saturday, but this is San Diego and California, you can always grab your surfboard and go to the beach to catch some waves. Still keeping your physical distance meanwhile you have some fun even with other people next to you.

This looks like a busy day and it is getting dark so what a perfect timing to start a bonfire at the beach and order some pizzas to be delivered where you are. During the night, the beach is full of small fires that the people set, in order to relax, chill and think about these days,. Sitting around, watching the flames, listening to the sound of the waves, the day is almost done, but there is still some time to think about what you did during the week and decompress to get ready for another new typical week.

Covid is an important thing to take care about, but there are still some ways to enjoy the Finest City (San Diego) in a safety way.

Alberto Lozano


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