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5 proven telecommuting ice breakers to help promote communication and respect between employees

Teamwork and communication is crucial when telecommuting during these times. Make sure you take the time to calibrate your team with some great icebreakers, which help your coworkers get their minds off of problems outside. Help them focus on the present and the tasks that must be tackled today!

1.) Lost in Space

We learn about our counterparts when we understand how they prioritize needs and activities. Coworkers must pretend they are living on a space station for an extended period of time. Let’s say two years! Without warning the Space Station starts malfunctioning and they have fifteen minutes to gather only five items to take with them on the evacuating space shuttle. Coworkers are instructed to quickly type out the five items they are taking with them. 

Once all items have been entered on their initial posts, peers read through the entries to find similarities and/or curiosities. Coworkers are encouraged to respond to comments and ask questions about why they choose the items they did. Give coworkers categories that are relevant to the work you are looking to tackle that day.

2.) One Word

Coworkers think of one word that best describes their life or themselves. The starting conversation begins with each person posting their one word they chose to describe themselves. Guide the conversation towards why each person chose their word. Coworkers then must review peers’ posts and finds someone whose word is similar or resonates with them. Once two coworkers have found their words to be similar they should try to find two other nouns that they have in common.

Try to provide an example when explaining the rules to the game.


Word: Turbulent

I’ve chosen this word because my life can be turbulent, but I will overcome this turbulence to achieve my goals by turning it into positive energy.

3.) 2 Truths + 1 Lie

Coworkers post two truthful statements and one false statement, without adding any label to each statement. Coworkers look over the three statements and reply with their guesses on which statement is false and explain the reasons behind their guess. If there are many new coworkers in your office, then wait a couple of weeks before revealing the truths and lies. In doing so, you will be able to see if your guesses were correct. If you all know each other very well, then you can reveal the truths and lies at the end of the day for suspense. You can post a list with the names of the peers who guessed correctly as a way of recognizing people within the group!


1.) I’ve been to twenty countries.

2.) I’ve done bungee jumping in South Africa.

3.) I’ve ran with Usain Bolt.

4.) The Social Question During COVID-19

Our general inability to go outside and enjoy our social activities whether it be a favorite restaurant or favorite rock climbing course makes this activity cathartic.

Ask each coworker a “social” question to find out what your coworker’s used to enjoy, or ask if they have a funny story to share. Ask everyone the same question, or add layers of differentiation to provide coworkers with challenging questions that force them to reveal a little more about themselves.

Here are some examples of what you could ask:

  • If you could go outside and enjoy anything you used to enjoy, what would it be?
  • What is something you have done this month that you feel proud of?
  • If you could eat any cuisine or food right now, what would it be?
  • If money and time were no object, what would you do? Or who would you help?

5.) Miro Blog Resource

Miro created an extensive document with 5 Carefully Selected Ice Breaking Games for Remote Working Teams. Within the files they highlight the importance of ice breakers and how they help with the following:

  • Team Introduction
  • Encourage The Right Atmosphere
  • Get Everyone Thinking Creatively
  • Good “Practice” for What Comes Next


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