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Here we are again, this month has been really crazy, I couldn’t imagine this happening! Now here I am working from home in a lock down in Sacramento!

HMC was great, they sent us to work from home pretty fast, and they have been really helpful, providing everyone with laptops, monitors and helping fixing quite fast any issues that we had the first days. At the beggining we thought this was going to be just for a week, but here i am one month after that, still home and I am starting to like this work from home thing. At the beggining I was kind of lost, but with a lot of pacience from my boss and all the team, we arrived to work really well between each other in the distance.

We still have a lot of work to do and even sometimes I do have time for some inner company training courses, which I love, because they are really helpful and learning new tools are always good for our design team.

I am involve in two large scale projects right know, both are higher education buildings. I love my team, and how we work together, I actually found my place in the company really quick, and i am proud of that. Working from home sometimes it is hard, as you can get distrated really easily but I love rutines, and I am managing really well, working same hours as I did before.

As I leave alone in a small studio, sometimes I feel a little bit alone, but that’s completely normal during this crazy times. I try not to think too much about it, and I keep myself busy as much as I can. Cooking, reading, painting and watching netflix are becoming my new hobbies for the weekends, before this I was a really outdoor guy, loved to go to the parks around, walk and go biking… But know I am also finding pleasure in staying home, and learning that to be alone sometimes is also very good.

About how I am interacting with my new American friends during this days, we usually meet Fridays and saturdays for beers by skype. That’s our new plan and we all love to see each other twice a week, even if it is from a computer. We all try to stay very positive and not to panic, which is really easy nowadays. If we keep our mind busy and positive, and we stay home as much as possible this should end faster that we think…

At work I am still learning a lot of things from everyone, specially from my boss, who tries to teach everything he knows all the time, I am really lucky with that. I am learning parametric design tools, which I hope will be really useful for them but also for my whole career. I am also thinking in taking the LEED AP exam, It is a great oportunity to get that certification while I am in the US. another thing that I am still learning is Revit, there are millions of tools and shortcuts that I did not know about, and that are helping me a lot to get faster at modeling in Revit, as you should know from my first post, I didn’t knew barely any revit before compared to my colleagues here. It is good that I am learning and being involve in different projects with different scales and different budgets, this is helping me to understand HMC as whole, and their work as a firm. This firm is more than just a firm but also at least here in Sacramento they are a great team, and a family, each member of the team have a special thing that you can learn about.

I have to say that It has been 5 months nearly 6 here and I am happy, happier that I’d imagine when this whole adventure started. I could never imagine that I was going to feel this like home, and met amazing people, inside and outside of work. when I arrived I was afraid of how all this will go and if it was going to be worth to come and work in the US for a while. But now I can say I was totally worth it!

I hope you are all staying safe and happy as me during this difficult times!!

See you in the next post.

Arturo Rodríguez


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