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What’s New In Home Design for 2020

According to designers in the know, neutrals are out for 2020. Indeed, even psychologists claim that neutrals weren’t good for people in the first place. People crave vivid colors, textures, things that attract and delight the eye. This is what homeowners will be looking for in 2020.


Making everything you do as environmentally friendly as possible is a positive trend that is making its way across the world. This doesn’t just mean using reusable straws and bags. Although those are definitely great for our planet, keeping our homes eco-friendly is just as, or possibly more, important. If you live in North Carolina, there are many options to modernize your house. You can update your home by making sun your primary source of energy if you install Charlotte solar panels. Not only is this great for the Earth, but you will also be saving money on electricity bills.


The popularity of sunrooms tends to wax and wane over the decades, and now they are back. The good news about sunrooms is that they can be used for just about anything. They can be a bright, light space for the family to relax, a garden room or a place to entertain.


Cement isn’t what it used to be. Though some people go for the industrial, gray, heavy look, cement can now be fashioned to resemble everything from natural stone to brick. It can be stained, dyed and polished until it gleams like glass. Best of all, it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Cerused Wood

Cerused wood is white-washed to bring out the grain. Though it is trending in 2020, the technique itself is centuries old. The difference is that the wood is now treated with non toxic wax that whitens it. It can be seen on everything from hardwood flooring to furniture.


Florals are everywhere, from wallpaper bursting with exotic blooms to good old fashioned chintz on chair and sofa upholstery. Even light fixtures can be decorated with abstract flowers made of colored glass. Don’t forget to place vases of cheerful flowers in vivid hues and pastels everywhere though according to those who have design services, artificial flowers are forbidden.

Art Deco

Art Deco, a style that began in France and had its first heyday from the end of World War I to the beginning of World War II, is luxurious and streamlined yet geometric. It is a stye that people know when they see it. It is all over movies made in the 1930s from Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers musicals to the Wizard of Oz. Art Deco furniture was famous for its exotic woods such as ebony, burr wood, rosewood and bird’s eye maple as well as decorative glass, veneering and marquetry.

Uncluttered Bedrooms

It used to be fashionable to do everything in the bedroom, including work. In 2020, the bedroom has returned to its function as a place to sleep or rest. This means the banishment of anything that does not contribute to sleep or rest, including electronics or even a television set.

Colored Kitchen Cabinets

For the time being, the white kitchen wall cabinet is gone to be replaced by kitchen cabinets in bright colors. Moreover, they no longer have to be the same bright color. There are blue cabinets with darker blue trim, or red cabinets with silver trim or bright yellow doors.

Colorful Kitchens in General

Not only can kitchens have different colored cabinets, but countertops can be made of colorful tiles or beautiful natural stone with complementary backsplashes. Kitchen islands or peninsulas can be painted a color that is echoed, somewhat, in an area on the wall. Shades of pendant lights can be a color from the other side of the color wheel from the kitchen island. The trick is to make all these colors look welcoming and well-balanced.

Sinks Made of Stone

Sinks for 2020 are not only made of stone, but they are deep and roomy. This goes for the bathroom as well as the kitchen. Soapstone, which has a beautiful feel even while it resists etching, stains and burn marks, is an ideal material for a stone sink. Polishing it with mineral oil now and then brings out its rich color.

In 2020 homeowners are harkening back to the past, whether it’s adding pigment to wood or reviving a century-old style. They also want lots of color and texture. Whatever they choose, they find ways to pull it all together to make a home that is comfortable, stimulating and inviting.



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