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5 Great Value-Adding Home Improvement Ideas

Looking to improve everyday life in your home while increasing your property value? If so, you have to be smart about the renovation projects you decide to begin. Here are five great home improvement ideas that will provide you a great return on investment, adding significant value to your home.

  1. Improve Your Landscaping

Spruce up your landscaping to give your home’s exterior a fresh new look! There are several ways to get your yard in better shape. You probably know that the holy grail of lawn care is a lush, green lawn. Start your landscape renewal by mowing your grass and applying eco-friendly fertilizer to keep it looking great throughout the growing season. If your yard looks a little bare, plant new flowering shrubs and trees to serve as focal points for your landscaping and provide some valuable privacy, too. Improving your landscaping will provide an instant boost to your home’s curb appeal, making your home more attractive to potential buyers should you choose to sell your home in the future.

  1. Upgrade Your Front Door

If your entryway is looking a little less than grand, it’s an excellent idea to improve your front door. Consider installing a new front door and choose a steel door with advanced deadbolt locks to provide security for your family and your possessions. As you shop for a new door, choose a door with modern details like glass accents and custom hardware. If a completely new door doesn’t work well with your budget, give your current door a fresh new look by applying a new coat of paint. Front doors are ideal for creating a dramatic focal point for your home’s façade, so choose a paint color that contrasts nicely with the overall color of your home’s exterior.

  1. Modernize Your Garage Door

Do you find that your garage door is dragging down your home’s visual appeal? Replace that tired, old garage door with a modern door that will make a strong design statement! Choose an aluminum framed door with frosted acrylic insert to give your home a contemporary appearance. For a stylish finishing touch, install new lighting above your garage door to properly showcase this new design feature. If a completely new door doesn’t work with your budget, you can easily transform your old one in a variety of ways, from applying a fresh coat of paint to covering the door with a custom vinyl wrap. A garage door makeover is an easy fix that provides an excellent return on investment should you decide to sell your home.

  1. Install a Pool

If you want to beautify your outdoor spaces and create a fun entertainment option at the same time, build a brand-new inground pool in your own backyard. You’d be surprised at how easily a pool can fit within any budget. Consult pool loan specialists to help get you started on creating the outdoor oasis of your dreams. Include all the elements that will make your pool a special spot for relaxation and fun, such as a built-in hot tub, tanning shelf and diving board. Your beautiful new outdoor entertainment space will be the talk of the neighborhood and will be a great value-adding feature for your home.

  1. Go Green With Solar Energy

Now, more than ever, it’s important to incorporate green living into your daily life. Consider switching to solar to power your home. Energy from the sun is a clean, renewable resource, and it will even help you save money on your monthly energy bills! Solar panel systems can be installed anywhere you have some extra space outside, and they can even be installed on your roof! You’ll not only be reducing your monthly energy bills, you’ll also feel satisfaction by reducing your impact on the environment.

It’s always a great idea to take on some home improvement projects to add value to your home. By following these tips, you’ll improve your home’s appearance and function while enhancing its value!


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