The start in Chicago

As I embarked on my journey from Spain to the vibrant city of Chicago, I could not have anticipated the profound experiences that awaited me during my first month here. Engaging in an exchange program and securing an internship at bKL, a highly esteemed architecture firm, has been a gratifying endeavor. Allow me to share my reflections on the warm reception, the meaningful projects, and the serene charm of Chicago’s summer.

Upon my arrival, I was graciously received by the bKL architecture team, who exemplified professionalism and cordiality. Their mentorship and encouragement have fostered a welcoming atmosphere, easing the adjustment to a new environment. Collaborating with such talented and experienced professionals has been an enriching experience, inspiring me to develop my skills and perspectives further.

The architectural projects I have been entrusted with have been both challenging and rewarding. The firm’s trust in my abilities has motivated me to push my boundaries . It is a privilege to be contributing to projects that hold significance in shaping Chicago’s skyline, and the opportunity to learn from seasoned architects it is invaluable.

Beyond the professional realm, Chicago’s allure has not escaped me. Amidst the warmth of summer, the city comes alive with a tranquil charm. Exploring landmarks like Millennium Park and the Riverwalk has allowed me to appreciate the city’s captivating beauty. The leisurely strolls and occasional moments of solitude have provided ample opportunities for introspection and growth.

Moreover, Chicago’s culinary offerings have been a delightful surprise. Savoring its renowned deep-dish pizza and exploring a diverse array of culinary delights have been culinary adventures in themselves. Also, I have been able to go to baseball games, enjoying american culture

In conclusion, my first month living and working in Chicago has been exciting. The support at bKL, the meaningful projects are challenging me, and the serene charm of Chicago’s summer have left a lasting impression. I look forward to the coming months, eager to continue my journey of learning and personal growth in this dynamic city.

Alejandra Erdozain


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