New Orleans Y’all!

I’d like to share with you all (or maybe I should say “y’all” as a New Orleans would do!) some great tips about famous and sooo different than ANYTHING else in America New Orleans! Some of the tips come straight from my office friend, Andrea and her friend Shane who definitely know their NOLA!

You can definitely find cheep plane tickets to get to NO. from New York City it took me about 3,5 h one way. You can take $2 airport shuttle E-2 bus from the airport to the CBD but it takes forever to get there. However, there are cabs and Uber/Lyft drivers right in front of the Airport. It takes 30-40 minutes and the cost is around $33 which, if you come with a friend or two, is actually decent.

In the city itself you must:

  1. Go to Café Du Monde – Duh! You’re obliged to have beignets on day one. But a tip: There is no line! Ignore the line, walk to the back and just hover for a table. Make eye contact with a server and they’ll get it cleaned up – they will probably smile that you’re not silly enough to wait in that damn line.
  2. Drink Sazerac – the classic drink of NOLA!
  3. Experience Burbon Street – go there at night and stroll it for a bit. However it’s gotten so downmarket you’ll likely be turned off after a few blocks.
  4. Hear the sounds of Frenchman Street – definitely a must do! My best advice is just to wander the four or so blocks on Frenchman Street and pop into a number of bars / music clubs. They’re all super small. Lots of these places charge a fee for entry now, but keep in mind you won’t probably stay long in one spot. So my advice is to see if you like the music before deciding to pay (you’ll be able to hear from outside). La Maison, DBA, Spotted Cat are great!
  5. Take a tram to the Garden District – this has the highest concentration of beautiful old homes. Then you can stop by one of the cemeteries out here.
  6. Stroll Magazine Avenue – lots of cool galleries, stores, restaurants.
  7. Visit Ogden Museum of Southern Art – I loved their contemporary art collection!
  8. Not forget to try Gumbo, Jambalaya, Turtle Soup and Po-boys – or veeeery typical for NOLA!
  9. Preservation Hall – I used to like Jazz. After my visit at Preservation Hall – I loooooooooooove Jazz!


Just go! You won’t regret it. There’s nothing else like this city, its culture, people, food and music!

Stanislaw Gulkowski

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