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The legacy of Vittorio Gregotti

We regret to inform you that architect and Italy’s modernist legend Vittorio Gregotti passed away on Sunday, March 15. He was 92 and has been a victim of the current pandemic the world is facing. He was a leading figure in the realm of architecture and design and one of the world’s popular international architects. His designs have brought prestige to Italy’s architecture and have left a great legacy for future designers to follow. He left his mark by designing popular cultural buildings and arenas throughout Europe and took part in a project in Shanghai as well. He was a theorist and a city planner and always brought a new aesthetic to the projects he was involved in, yet still complementing the surroundings and being mindful of the neighboring buildings.

His projects include the Grand Théâtre de Provence in France, Teatro Arcimboldi in Milan, New Town in Puijang, and a collaboration of the Belem Cultural Center in Lisbon, Portugal. He had also written 30 books which imparted on the world of architecture and provided valuable lessons for designers and the practice. During his early years, he had attended Politecnico di Milano and towards the later years of his career became the director of the Visual Arts segment of the Biennale. Where he created the famous exhibition, which revolved around a utopian realm and the crisis of which nature faces with the era of construction. It was around 1974, when Gregotti founded his own firm, which he carried out until 2017 due to his disagreement with the direction which architecture had taken in recent times.

He was also a member of the Italian communist party, which at the time was viewed as a group of intellects which wanted to pose change to the development of new environments and its inhabitants. With this, he was able to make a significant impact on the residential neighborhood in Venice. His work continues to echo in the minds of architects throughout the country and has left an impression in the architecture that will be taught in the years to come. If you are not familiar with his work, it would be good to take the time and look at a few of his projects. For those interested in Italian cinema, you can also catch a glimpse of Gregotti’s work in the film Ragazzi Fuori, which depicts the multi-storied housing projects designed and constructed by him in 1969.

During these tough times we hope that you are all taking care and staying safe! Hopefully with the safety measures that are being taken around the world we will see an end to this pandemic in the near future. Our team at Architect-US will continue to keep you posted with any updates in the world of architecture and hope that you are making the best out of this situation and keeping your creative mind running.


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