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What are you doing to accomplish your goals?

We’ve all had our ups and downs during our lives and our profession. What is important is that we find ways on getting out of those downs and taking an active role in getting what you want out of your life and your career. It is important to listen to the advice of those who have changed their lives for better, and those who we aspire to be. There are plenty of designers and online sources that you can follow and learn from so that you can make changes and achieve better results. We are not all born as great designers, it takes time, patience, and dedication, but if you make small habitual changes in your daily routine you will realize that reaching your dreams  is not impossible. It is good to be ambitious in life and there are plenty of ways of how you can achieve the goals that you set for yourself. Here, we are sharing two videos that will help you see a new perspective on how you go about your day, and you can approach problems and solve them:

1. How to stop screwing yourself over. By Mel Robbins TEDx San Francisco

Important points covered by Mel Robbins during the conference in June 2011:

  • Getting what you want within reason
  • Drafting
  • Using Online sources to help you
  • Telling the truth
  • Not settling. The use of the word fine
  • Not giving up. Doing something about the ideas that you have. Procrastination.
  • Activation Energy
  • Disposition
  • Why routine kills us
  • Exploration and growth by forcing yourself to be uncomfortable
  • The importance of making yourself do things.


2. How to achieve your most ambitious goals by Stephen Duneier TEDx Tucson

Important points covered by Stephen Duneier during the conference in January 14, 2017:

  • How to approach problems and solve them
  • Becoming an active participant. Making marginal adjustments
  • Setting goals and taking breaks!
  • Breaking activities down to tasks that you can manage
  • Improving the odds of the things you want to accomplish. Making decisions!
  • Making resolutions. Learning new things
  • It is ok not to have special skills
  • Pursuing your dreams by making marginal adjustments


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