Summer in New York

Governors Island is a little piece of land south of Manhattan, rich in history for his advantageous position and now an oasis of perfect lawns and abandoned houses just a ten minutes ferry trip away from Wall St pier. When it opens, usually in May, New york opens to summer.

Having a day-off there is almost a mandatory experience to relax from the noises of the city. When you arrive the horns are substituted by kids screaming and bike bells. It is basically a 172 acres ice-cream cone shaped piece of land bordered by a strip of asphalt and nice views.

Once visited Fort Jay and Castle Williams, the two historic gems, you can just walk around and pick your favourite spot. We were attracted by some white tents scattered around the west border and connected to a central lawn. Apparently they are part of a village called Collective Retreat, where you can glamp right in front of the Statue of Liberty.

The main space has barbecues, sunbeds and a bar, so it’s not easy to get out of it. When you manage to do it, you can climb a little hill overlooking the new green area and then rest in Hammock bay. On the ferry back to Manhattan you can admire your red skin, kissed all day by the sun, and enjoy the last spectacular view of Downtown. But everything said so far was just a special program. You do it once a season. Fortunately in the routine weekends the parks close to home are always there. I just bought a basketball and a frisbee and when I don’t have better ideas, that’s the plan.

If It’s too warm to be outside, I also recently rediscovered how pleasant it is to close yourself inside a library. The main one, in Bryant Park, is just beautiful. I found a good reading spot without tourists and when the heat wave hits, you will find me there. Enjoy the season!

Alberto Pizzoli

Architect, born in Verona in 1988.

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