The Florida Project

To celebrate the historical occasion of my first two american vacation days I decided to go to Florida. Adding the weekend and a right combination of flights I could enjoy a very pleasant four days of late spring break. There are many places that come before in my ideal list of destinations, but Miami is one of those cities you just need to see with your eyes. My first brilliant idea on day 1 was to slowly discover the new territory just walking around. After 15 minutes under the 1pm sun I realized I had to change plans. I was in Surfside, the northern part of Miami Beach, and Ocean Drive was literally a mirage from there. I jumped on a trolley directed South and didn’t move until I was starting to recognize some art deco. Then I could start walking again.

The place went beyond any expectation. Maybe the weekend was helping, but I have never seen that density of sport cars and voluptuos bodies. It was unique. I tried to rest my eyes by going to the sea, but the situation got even worse. Just a continuos intense and colorful show of human architecture. When I was starting to understand why people hate or love this place, I closed myself in a oasis of calm with pool and cocktails. Miami is like good food, you just need to eat slow and enjoy. Forget about New York rhythms, the weather here forces you to sit down in the shadow. After a dinner in Wynwood I could call it a day. Sunday was about architecture, in Florida even a parking lot is the occasion to be cool. Another short drive and I was in Perez art Museum, incredibly well built and enjoyable.

I spent the afternoon there, waiting for a little storm to pass by before continuing the road trip. The only goal was to have a drink in front of the sunset in one of the Keys islands. The road to get there, if without traffic, is pretty scenografic: just one lane in each direction, a strip of asphalt dividing the Bay and the Ocean. A “main street” from Key Largo to Key West, where the passage of Irma is still visible and people are rebuilding things and preparing for the next one. Between hurricanes it is a great spot to relax a few days or retire. You can be happy with just a little boat. Last stop was in Everglades National Park, some hours sweating around subtropical nature and a crocodile crossing the street in front of us on the way to the airport as the perfect goodbye. See you later, alligator.

Alberto Pizzoli

Architect, born in Verona in 1988.

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