Let’s pick pumpkins!

You probably never thought of where all the Halloween pumpkins came from, like me.

“The cold weather is coming, and the days are getting shorter, it gonna be a long winter…but fun!”

Many festivities being now in the US. We start with Halloween. Christmas time is far away still but the houses are ready changing their regular dresses. Lights, scary dolls, spider webs fill the porches and entrances of the houses. The more you decorate your house, the more children will knock at your door: “-Trick or treat?!”.

But you can forget bring pumpkins to your entrance! We took a trip to some of the farms that sell all kind of pumpkins, it was amazing. I have never seen so many pumpkins in all their shapes and colors.

If you are ready to carve a pumpkin (it´s no easy), have fun creating faces! In my case, I had fun making good pictures of all this variety of pumpkins.

Helena Sanjuan


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