Boston for the weekend


Last weekend I had the opportunity to travel to Boston. I am very lucky, as it is a city I loved and it was already my second time there. One of my best friends from Spain has just moved there and so, it was the perfect excuse to go and visit. The idea was to go shopping, visit Ikea and move her in, but we ended up doing none of them.

According to the city, Boston is relatively small, specially if compared to New York City, but that does not mean that it is not as good. Obiously, it is not as modern and seeing such big skyscrapers is not that common. Definetely, pintoresque is the word I would used to describe the city.

The downtown area could not be more welcoming and no matter what time it is, it is always full of people. People go there to go shopping or to vist the markets full fo local products. From a touristic point of view (or even if you are local), the downtown market is the best place to go to for lunch and dinner, there are many options and not expensive at all.

Another key landmark of Boston is Harvard University and the MIT. Both campus are very nice and are full of small coffee shops. It is the perfect area to walk around, grab a coffe or work with your laptop in any cute corner.

Finally, the harbor area is also a must in Boston. Specially if you are visiting the city during the weekend, the area is packed with families working out. It is a very good location to laydown and sunbathe in the first spring days.

If you are considering going, you should know that the old part of the city is very safe, even to walk alone at night, so dont worry if you are travelling solo.



Iratxe López


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