A good opportunity to see life in another nearby city, I am already thinking of where to visit for my next trip!

This past weekend I went to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to explore a little more of the US outside of New York. It’s really interesting to see other big cities in the US because New York is really my main point of reference to city-life here, and so it’s cool to see how other cities are organized. I chose Philadelphia because I had heard good things from friends who had traveled there and also because it has a lot of historical importance in the US. Philadelphia was the capital of the United States from 1790 – 1800, while Washington D.C. was being built. Philadelphia is where the first Continental Congress took place, the Constitutional Convection, the Declaration of Independence as well as where the systems of government of the United States were first established. Knowing all of this very important history to the founding of the US added to the fun of my weekend away.

I made a good mix of historical, cultural, and leisure stops throughout my weekend. I visited the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall but also walked through some cool neighborhoods like Northern Liberties for example. And of course, I managed to eat a cheesesteak before heading back to New York!


Maria Lopez


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