NY Yankees baseball game

NY Yankees baseball game, unforgettable experience

A great idea for a  weekend is to go see an NY Yankees baseball game, the “king of sports” in the United States. In New York, there are two rival teams: the NY Yankees and the Mets. Each has its own stadium: Yankee stadium is located in the Bronx and Citi Field, home of the Mets, is located in Queens.

This was my first time to Yankee Stadium to see an NY Yankees baseball game. We saw the New York Yankees vs Texas Rangers. I don’t really understand much about baseball, but it was fun enjoying the atmosphere and living a 100% American experience.

The Yankees Stadium is located in the Bronx and it’s very easy to get there by subway. The atmosphere around the stadium during NY Yankees baseball game days is very festive.

In saying that, the stadium is fantastic! It was easy to get around, there were plenty of concession stands and merchandise stores, and I got the feeling that most seats in the venue, even the cheapest, still had reasonably good views.

As for the game, I’m not a big fan of sports and as I said before, I barely understand about baseball but it was worth doing something authentic, 100% American! And of course, everything is so much more fun with friends.

I absolutely recommend watching a baseball game in New York. It’s an unforgettable experience (despite the loss of the New York Yankees)!

Denisse Gerard


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