LA Dodgers vs Texas Rangers!

It’s been already more than 8 months since my American adventure began and one of my personal resolutions is to get a full experience of American culture. What to do to feel like a real American? That’s a question I’m asking myself pretty often, since all I know about it is mostly from movies, TV, books etc. Luckily the company I’m working for helps me a lot to achieve my goal so I don’t have to worry about missing anything important ( and significant for American culture ) during my 18-months journey. One of the latest events organized by the office for me and my colleagues was a baseball game at the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. Dodgers vs Texas Rangers!

For someone who’s not a big sport enthusiast like me, it’s a completely different world. I have never been to a baseball match, haven’t watched a baseball game on TV either so in the beginning of the match I was pretty confused. I had no idea what’s going on until my colleagues explained me the game and its rules. However It was amazing just to enjoy this amazing experience, to see people cheering for their favorite teams, to drink some beers and to taste a famous LA hot-dog.

After few minutes I realized that what my colleagues were telling me about the baseball game in the United States in general is totally true. It was very funny to see how some people ( in my opinion most of them )  go to the stadium to watch the game mostly to enjoy the atmosphere, to eat some good junk food, drink some beer or just to hang out with their families and friends. Nobody really cares about the game that much. For example at 10:30 pm when I was leaving the stadium, the game was still on ( it started at 7 pm! ), people were not paying attention to the game at all.

Another great moment checked from my bucket list and can´t wait what the next one will be about 🙂


Matej Strbka


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