Christmas lights

Dyker Heights – Christmas lights paradise!

This year I stayed in NYC for the holidays. I didn’t know whether to go back to my hometown or experience what was this like here. So, finally, I decided to stay and see all the Christmas lights, eat a lot of hot chocolate and enjoy the cold weather!

Obviously, first thing to do in my plans was to go and see the Rockefeller Christmas tree, but I feared that it might be packed with people and wouldn’t be as enjoyable. Some friends told me that there is a neighborhood in Brooklyn which is called Dyker Heights which is home to the most over-the-top Christmas lights you can probably find. Most of the houses there hang Christmas decorations and lights, including huge inflatable Santas, snowmen or reindeers! They had carols in speakers playing as well. There were even several houses with choirs of girls and boys singing in the steps of their homes!

In general, they are also very colonial style houses, with very big gardens so the displays are amazing. There was a lot of people checking out the Christmas decorations, but it was truly a film-like Christmas experience, with all the carols, lights and decorations! It also doesn’t feel that packed because it is a whole neighborhood and you can walk any direction you want. I really left with a very good mood and very Christmas-y as well!

Arantza Ardanza


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