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High Line is a 2.5km linear park built in 2009 on an elevated railroad in New York. The park runs through three different neighborhoods on the midwest side of New York. The charm of the place is in contrasting its green area with the Manhattan skyscrapers, which creates a very beautiful and cosmopolitan setting.
Considered a masterpiece of urban landscaping, the High Line sits on an old train line, which was abandoned during the 1980s. For many years the site remained oblivious and a large undergrowth covered the entire track range which was inactive. This motivated a community of local residents to lead a campaign against the demolition of the line and in favor of a revitalization of the place, transforming it into an urban park.
After a few years, the idea was finally backed by the New York City Hall, and in the early 2000s, the project to create the suspended garden began to come off the paper. Opened to the public in 2009, the place quickly established itself among the most popular tourist spots in town, standing out for its simple and contemporary landscaping.
A New York icon, the High Line is 8 meters high from the floor and cross 3 districts: Meatpacking, West Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen/Clinton. In 1930, when the High Line was built, these neighborhoods were mostly occupied by industries and transport companies. Now, after the park was built, the sheds and factories are being converted into art galleries, design studios, shops, restaurants, museums and residences.
The main objective of the High Line was to recycle an old abandoned railway line into a green, pleasant and elegant park. Beyond the gardens, benches were set up for reading, resting, or contemplating the Hudson River and New Yorkers’ pace of life.
With an extension of about nineteen blocks, the park is the ideal program to spend the afternoon and enjoy the beautiful views of the New York sunset that it offers, through which you can observe sights such as the Empire State Building, the Hudson River and the Rockefeller Center complex.
At 34th Street, the park has some very interesting panels that tell a bit more about its history through photos and messages. The tourists can observe what the place was like before, when it still functioned as a train line, and how it gradually transformed into the beautiful space it is today.
With the great popularity of the park, the surrounding region has also expanded and currently has several options of good restaurants, cafes and art galleries. Therefore, after visiting the garden, tourists can still enjoy exploring this part of the island of Manhattan that has so little tourism and now offers several attractive alternatives.
It’s a different ride, almost unusual, but it’s worth it! It is recommended to wear comfortable shoes if you want to venture on this mix of garden and art in the middle of the huge city of New York.

Victor Daldegan


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