A walk in Bushwick

Bushwick has transformed a lot within the past decade. For years, this Brooklyn neighborhood was neglected, and many of the buildings were shuttered. But it is now a neighborhood in transition.

Bushwick is kind of an outdoor art gallery; «street art» blooms on most walls and this movement keeps on growing on the area. Art is clearly the main theme of this neighborhood now a days. Not only because of the graffiti in the street, but there are also a lot of alternative galleries with new expressions outside the traditional circuits. Also, there are many theaters and movie theaters with a non-mainstream variety of shows and broadcasts.

Something that I also liked about the area is the variety of breweries and restaurants, most of them with an industrial inspired decoration and relax vibe that fit pretty good in the area.

Today, new venues and art galleries are opening and every time more industrial spaces are being converted into lofts, but even with this new changes, Bushwick still maintains it’s identity.

Clara Mastropietro


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