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After nine months of my exchange program…

Deciding to join a small firm on the East Cost of Florida was the right choice. The entire team made me feel welcome. Now I love my new life!

After nine months of my exchange program, I am at the halfway point of my experience at Hoos Architecture.

Deciding to join a small firm on the East Coast of Florida was the right choice. The entire team made me feel welcome. The principal is very friendly, always available to help me about working aspects and to give me the best advice for enjoying Florida during the free time, such as my supervisor Suzi ready anytime to explain me something or just to share a glass of wine.

In the beginning, this exchange experience was not so easy for me. Everything was new…places, rules, language, unit and building system. This made me a little bit nervous. However, the Hoos team created the right work environment to enjoy my new life. Their passion for architecture, attention for details and a very relaxed atmosphere at the office, strive me to learn fast and do my work better every day feeling part of the team!

Now I love my new life! 

At work, I became familiar with the design and the development of a residential project. Construction material and details don’t afraid me ANYMORE! I have to tell you: the first time I saw a project I was a little bit scared for the amount of work. Here in Florida, the typical construction materials are wood and concrete block for hurricane reason. You can not imagine how many rules you need to follow to make building able to stand during the hurricane season.

Out of work, I found my favorite places to have fun all around. During the weekend I have to just decide what is the best thing to do…going to beautiful beaches, to springs for kayaking or to a big city for a live concert or a museum.

I am so excited about what I have learned during my exchange program that I can not imagine how the next ones will be!

Chiara De Luca


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