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3 things you must do if you want to change the date of your J1 Visa Program

We’ve had some of Architect-US’ previous participants who’ve needed to change the date of their program in the past. That maybe for personal reasons, delays in documentation, delays from the firm for different reasons, or for any other number of reasons. It can be done, but what is important is that you let our team, or your program advisor know as soon as you can so that we can determine what is the best way possible to do so. So, in this case you -the international Intern/Trainee has to inform us prior to the departure to the States so that the changes can be done in SEVIS, as it must reflect the current status of the situation.

1. Let your Program Advisor know ASAP

In the case that you need to change the date, the most important thing to do is to let your program advisor know. This is because depending on how far you are on the visa issuance process there will be different steps that will have to be made in order to change the dates.

2. Changes in Documentation

If we have already began drafting and updating the DS-7009, Host Company agreement, and your status on ASSE we will need to make the modifications to the dates so that they can be approved for the desired period.

3. Inform the Company

It is very important that we make sure that the company is aware of these changes and that we can adjust the program periods for a time that is suitable for them as well. If you must change the dates for medical/family or other personal reasons that you have to tend to, that is ok! But given that the company has already have to wait a minimum of 30 days for you to start working with them, we have to make sure that everything is communicated and agreed upon. Of course, there may also be the need to change the dates from the company’s end as well.

What is important is that the participant knows that once we have submitted all of the paper work and the dates have already been established, We have only 30 days from the initial program begin date to validate the program or change dates in SEVIS, otherwise the program goes into what is called a “No Show”. Also, depending on how far along the process we are, administrative fees and issuance of new papers may apply. So in order to avoid difficulties or delays, just let us know in advance if you think you may have any difficulties with the periods from the beginning.


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