All you need to know about Thanksgiving in NYC

Thanksgiving is a big thing, especially in the U.S. It takes time to decide the place, the guests, what to cook… so we want you to be ready and make your plan for Thursday, November 23- whether to cook at home, or be the perfect guest, or go out to celebrate it.

There are a lot of parades in the city, especially in NY: the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade full of giant balloons, floats, cheerleaders, clowns, bands, theater and Broadway performances and celebs is one of the best events of the year.

If you don’t want to cook (or it simply isn’t a part of your tradition) you can celebrate by eating out as there are many restaurants open for the occasion. Such is the amazing Union Square Cafe, Dovetail or The Breslin.

You can also go to some of the best holiday markets like Union Square Holiday Market or Grand Central Holiday Fair to start feeling the Christmas environment, to take a nice walk and do some holiday shopping.

If you are lucky, and someone is going to cook for you, we give you some tips on how to be the best dinner guest ever!

  • Ask beforehand what you should bring, or even better, ask which wine they’d prefer you buy.
  • Help out the hosts during dinnertime by refilling drinks or doing the dishes afterward.
  • Talk with the shyer guests, and try to make everyone feel part of the holiday.
  • And the last but definitely MOST important one is to feel grateful and express it!

If you are already abroad and have the opportunity to experience this wonderful festivity in a foreign country, take advantage and enrich yourself with another culture. If you haven’t made this step yet, we encourage to do it through our  Job+ J1 Visa Program where we find you an opportunity in the U.S and we sponsor your J1 Visa. At Architect-US we care about our community that consists of more than 20 countries.

For now, start preparing yourself for Thanksgiving, and don’t worry, we will come back to you with more details next Tuesday!





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