first day at work

Rocking your first day at work, architects, get ready!

Great! You have got the job and now it’s time for all those insecurities about your first day in the office. You have to prove yourself once more – demonstrate your character, skills and that you really were the right choice.

The first problem comes when you wake up on your first day at work is: What should I wear? Even if they have told you that there is no dress code and that anything’s fine, do make an effort! Try to look professional, wear sober colors and don’t use too much prints. At least for the first day –later you’ll adjust to the level of accepted casual office fashion.

First impressions matter, so be punctual on your first day at work and no excuses. Get up early so you can take your time to have a good breakfast and everything else you do in the mornings and still get to the new job on time. Maybe the day before even does a test run of the route to have a good grip on how much time you need. Always factor in the weather, the traffic, parking delays and maybe transport timetables just to be safe.

Be confident. Everyone knows that feeling of going in on the first day of work so people will be the most empathic are willing to show you around and chat even if they have much to do. Keeping an open mind can make all the difference when talking to your new colleagues and boss. Remember that they liked you enough to give you the job. Confidence is always a key quality for career success.

Make sure you are mentally prepared with positive thoughts and lots of great attitudes! Keep your hopes high but your expectations low. Be ready to adapt starting day one. Don’t worry: you will survive and you will succeed!

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and take lots of notes. In the beginning, you will feel like you are drowning in information, but still, try to show interest and eagerness to know more on your first day at work. Listen more and talk less is the key to this. Don’t be afraid of asking for help if you need it! No one expects you to know everything – you are not Wikipedia. Take the initiative. Show you are full of ideas that can enrich the company!

Now, don’t forget to soon update your title and company across your social media platforms to show everyone how excited you are! If you haven’t yet read about the hacks on the most important one, here’s our article on Mastering LinkedIN!

However, the most important thing to do on your first day at work is ENJOY IT! You will spend most of your day there so doesn’t stress about impressing absolutely everyone at the same time and just have fun.



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