Cisco Brewers on Nantucket

This is very special place and one of favorite for all people on the island.

Hello my dear friends!

Last week I visited Cisco Brewery on Nantucket. This is very special place and one of favorite for all people on the island.

Here on Nantucket they have a Winery, Brewery, and Distillery. Nantucket Vineyard was the first arm of their business opening in the early 1980’s as a small project of the Long Family. After a few years, Winery employees ended up falling in love with the wine and each other, and Cisco Brewers was born on the Hudson’s stovetop in 1995. Whispers of a brewery floated on the Nantucket wind, catching the ear of a few people, including a Mr. Harman. Using the previously tested and proven formula of starting a business from another business, Winery and Brewery employees enjoyed a few glasses together and hatched the idea for Triple Eight Distillery in 2000. All three businesses are constantly evolving, and now they produce a wide variety of world-class wines, beers, and spirits.

That day with my friends I was listening The Daggers. They are a Cape Cod treasure. They can play as exquisitely as the light from a summer sunset or with as much attitude as the wind whips from a Nor’easter. This is clearly a band that likes to have fun and that’s an attitude that you’ll find irresistibly contagious if you experience a Daggers show. The band has been gathering momentum for a few years, with their first EP released in 2012. The original songwriting demonstrates a deft storytelling style and leaves room for the kind of refrains that will in future surely become rock anthems.

Velenka Herbez


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