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In Chicago, any young architect can understand the power of our profession.

After five months living in New York City, in June, I have made my first trip to an american city, Chicago. After studying, with my PhD, the importance that the city had in the early twenties century, on the occasion of the World Fair, called “The process of a century”, of Chicago in 1935 and the participation of the italian architect Adalberto Libera on it, this visit has allowed me to know the absolute balance that this amazing city has.

When I am talking about balance, I mean the relationship of the city and the Michigan Lake, its green areas or the wonderful riverwalk where many architectural works are presented. In Chicago, any young architect can understand the power of our profession. After a fateful fire, the city was able to attract the great architect of the world such as Mies van der Rohe or the own Libera on the occasion of the Exhibition.

Most buildings have been very interesting such as the Federal Center, Marina Tower, IBM, Sears Tower or Lake Shore Drive that I have drawn so many times since I was a young student. But among them, I was completely surprised about Frank Lloyd Wright. I visited his home and studio in Oak Park and his prairie houses.

With this visit, I understood for the first time, the complexity of an architect who was able to transform the inherited architecture, of victorian origin, with new solutions that are absolutely contemporary such as horizontality, the intermediate spaces or the manipulation of the section as a project tool.

Casually, this month at MOMA, a new exhibition about him has been launched that will help me to continue studying this amazing architect.

Eduardo Blanes


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