build an architecture career in Miami

Why build an architecture career in Miami?

If you’re a budding architect or designer in the construction industry looking for a job, the first order of business should be knowing where to look. The logical step is to find which areas are hotspots in terms of real estate development. I tell you why to build an architecture career in Miami.

Before we get to that part, however, there are also things you should remember, personality-wise. As we’ve explained in the previous post «Tips Every Architect Looking for a Job Should Know«, factors like mentor ship, professional networks and making a good impression are important as well for aspiring architects.

With that part cleared up, it’s now time to focus on where in the US. And for this article, we are going to focus on Miami as it’s among the forerunners when it comes to development projects. Here why build an architecture career in Miami:

No strict construction trend

Miami is clearly non-adherent to one construction type and that’s great news for architects and designers who are just starting their career. The city develops buildings, houses, subdivisions, and much more which means that no matter what specialization you would like to pursue, you’re not going to have a shortage of potential projects. In her «Miami Builds Higher» post here on Architect-US, Raquel Rica shared her experience as a new trainee in Miami and noticed how the city is always “ready for construction and development” especially in neighborhoods like Downtown Miami and Brickell.

Competitive salaries

Due to the number of development projects – both ongoing and planned – that Miami has, it’s inevitable that the demand for professionals in this field stays high. Many companies aim to acquire the best talent and they entice all applicants, whether experienced or promising newcomers, with competitive salaries. In fact, an article from established realtors Discover Homes Miami specified that the average annual income for architects and engineers in the city is approximately $70,000 a year due to the sheer number of new construction projects. This salary is above the average for US architects.

Non-stop development

In addition, developments in the city show no signs of slowing down which means that things are bound to get even better. Ocean Drive collated insights from the city’s best brokers who all agree that Miami shall retain its construction boom for years to come. This is caused by a myriad of factors including rising population, improving income levels, low interest rates, and prices in relation to property size, and decreased construction costs. That last bit – low construction costs – is even more important for young architects and designers considering that you won’t have to worry about quality even with limited funding which is often the case for smaller projects.

It’s an easy place to settle in

If you’re going to build an architecture career in Miami, it goes without saying that you need to find a nice place in the city to settle and given the abundance of properties, you won’t have any difficulty as a renter or buyer. In other words, Miami is a win-win for everyone involved: developers, sellers, and potential first-time homebuyers.

Work-life balance is easy to achieve

Of course, a good career also requires work-life balance and with all the options for leisure and relaxation in Miami, you can easily foster a healthy but enjoyable lifestyle. Nearby beaches are ideal for urban adventures. Either way, you’re going to have a great time in Miami.

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