ETSAM among the first architecture schools in the world

The collaboration with ETSAM has always been very close and productive, with 16 of its graduates participating in the Architect-US Career Training Program! It’s an honor to have helped some of the most talented students of this prestigious university, to pursue their American Dream currently working as trainers and interns in top architecture firms in the U.S.A.

Quacquerelly Symonds (QS) has published the seventh edition of its world university ranking by subjects. According to this list, 15 Spanish universities are among the best in the world and, in the field of Architecture, we can find the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid, ETSAM.

The collaboration with ETSAM has always been very close and productive, with 16 of its graduates participating in the Architect-US Career Training Program! Some of them has known Architect-US through the meetings that Architect-US CEO Patricia García has given in their installations (a very complete one, full of useful informations about the exchanges programs offeredJob+J1 Visa Program and J-1 Visa Program– can be found here). They have supported Architect-US since the beginning, well aware that the global issues affecting the architectural profession and the proliferation of a new model of networked international practice, proofs that the industry is in real need of platforms that encourage global dialogues and promote cross-pollination while breaking down the immigration barriers.It’s an honour to have sponsored the J-1 Visa to some of the most talented students of this prestigious university, that are currently working as trainers and interns in top architecture firms in the U.S.A. Architect-US is very proud of all of them and their achievements and is looking forward to send more ETSAM students to the US to make their American Dream come true. Here they are (by now! 🙂 ):

Esteban Becerril, Trainee at SOM, Washington DC

I started in my new job 3 months ago.I was little bit afraid because I’ve never worked in a big firm before. I thought that the atmosphere was going to be cold,but I was wrong, actually it is very nice to work with a big group of people because to socialize becomes an important part of your workday.

Spanis Architect at SOM, New YiorkClaudia Conde, Trainee at HOK, New York 

I had a clear aim in my mind that I wanted to work for HOK in New York and now I am happy to say that I made it real.

Andrés Rábano, Intern at OMA, New York 

OMA is a leading international partnership practicing architecture, urbanism, and cultural analysis. As they definde themselves: “our buildings and masterplans around the world insist on intelligent forms while inventing new possibilities for content and everyday use.” For a newly graduate like Andrés, working at OMA is an achievement hard to beat that can only promise a brilliant future in Architecture.

OMA_New York
OMA’s office at 180 Varick Street in New York (Photo: OMA)

Ignacio Tello, Trainee at GMS, New York

In their own words, Gilsanz Murray Steficek provides structural engineering and building envelope consulting for a diverse range of construction and restoration projects. Among their clients are some the most reknown architects in the world, as well public and non-public top-notch institutions, and many others.

Taking part in the program means that you meet the excellence criteria as a trainee and that you would be collaborating with some of the leading companies in the industry, ranging from the top engineering companies to some of the best architecture studios in USA

Architect in New York at GMS

Eduardo Blanes, Trainee at S9 Architecture, New York

Eduardo is in the U.S. since  hardly a month ago, but just before his arrival in America he had a busy time finishing his PhD thesis. We saw his portfolio and were sure that he would nail it, as he certainly did: he is now Doctor Cum Laude in Architecture!

The first thing that has caught my attention in this first month of collaboration has been the business structure that I have never had the opportunity to know.

Eduardo Blanes S9 Architects



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