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AIA’s statement on Immigration in the U.S.A

Due to the last informations related to US’ immigration policies and President Trump’s travel ban for refugees and migrants from seven Muslim countries, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) has made a public statement to let their position about the subject clear and support migrants:

[They] are vital to American growth and innovation, and that immigration and travel restrictions negatively impact business and the profession of architecture.

The AIA continues listing a series of principles, aligned with their own values and principles. Among these principles are:

  • “All people everywhere must be treated fairly and with dignity and respect.”
  • Architecture is a global profession. Immigration and travel restrictions can disrupt the business of many of our nation’s architectural firms that serve clients and employ staff in and from the countries targeted by the restrictions.”
  • Exposure to global perspectives on the built environment is an essential part of architecture and architectural education in the US, and immigrants, colleagues, students and faculty from around the world contribute significantly to this character.”

Architect-US, as a Career Training Program supported by the AIA since the beginning to the point that organized a Booth Design Competition in the American Institute of Architects 2016 National Convention in Philadelphia, shares these same principles, which are the basis of its philosophy:

To become a platform that encourage global dialogues and promote cross-pollination while breaking down the immigration barriers.

Source: Where we stand: Immigration and visa restrictions



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