Site visits

Site visits are part of the work in its last stage.

​We have the opportunity to go to several job sites to see and learn.

At GMS we are developing a number of important projects designed by reknown architects. The complexity of these projects needs the coordinated work of different consultants. GMS is an envelope consultant and accompainies the project from its conception to its construction.

In the design phase we provide best constructive solutions for the given design. After a phase of correction and reviews of several shop drawings with constructive solutions sent by provider s and contractors, the construction starts.

Site visits are part of the work in its last stage. They are needed in order to control the execution of the project according to the drawings and specifications. For us, as young architects​, is really helpful to see in situ what we have helped to design previously in the office. Once we see proposed detail made real, we can learn from it and apply similar solutions for future projects. ​I really enjoy these visits; however, I find I do not go as often as I would like to.

Angel Ramos


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