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Hey guys! My name is Celeste, Im from Mendoza, Argentina and I still cant believe how I finally ended up working in Miami!

It is quite a long story about how I get my work visa with Architect-US, starting from April when I first met the person who would be my boss this end of the year. I came to Miami for a pleasure trip with family and was curious about working there, so I started looking for architectural and design firms, and surprisingly I had the chance to have an interview with BRG HOMES, days after my arrival to Florida. So I had to gather all my resume, my portfolio, my works in a couple of hours to be able to present myself as an architect. Luckily, everything went very well and we decided to stay in touch in order to define my future in the company.

I was kind of frustrated cause I didn’t know how I would get a working visa until a friend found out the Architect-US‘s website, that’s how I apply for my work visa with Architect-US. From that moment on, everything became so much easier. I started talking with Patricia Garcia, who encouraged and advised me on the whole process to get the Visa. Always, fast and dedicated on her job she answered all of my questions and doubts, I have to say that without them I would still be wondering how to do it.

If you are interested in working in the US, I highly recommend you to contact them, cause you will for sure get the visa in the blink of an eye. Another thing to take into account is that if you are planning to do this, you should start a couple of months before to be sure you have all the necessary documents.

I thanks ARCHITECT-US and Patricia Garcia for giving me this opportunity that I will never forget!

Celeste Cornejo


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