It is the perfect ocasion for visiting those buildings that are not allowed to visit unless you have something to do at them, and for those expensive museums you are not willing to pay for.


Last weekend, besides being likely (hopefully not) the last taste of warm weather of the year, was the Open House in New York City, and during a couple of days multiple buildings opened the door to the public between 10 am and 6 pm. Some of them just opened their doors only one day and within a very reduced period of time, but instead of being an inconvenience, it can be very helpful for organizing the visit-schedule.

Lucky me, I got my City Bike key on Friday, so I rid my bike all around in order to visit as many places as possible.

I visited churches, synagogues, music concert halls, theatres (movies and theatre types), cemeteries, museums, art galleries….and yet I had to renounce to visit so many interesting places that I keep my paper list hanging on the wall for next year.

For those who like to plan things might be the lucky ones in order to visit some of the most famous buildings, because sometimes booking the tickets in advance is required, so keep an eye open for next year for not regretting having rested on your laurels!


Noelia Alvarez


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