Visiting the Exhibition “UnFinished” at the MET Breuer Museum

The Place, can’t be a better one; The MET-ART / Met Breuer Museum (what used to be the Whitney Museum). An amazing architectural creation by the genial Marcel Breuer. Brutal brutalism in the middle of the UES Manhattan. Impressive exterior image, better interior study of the spaces and openings to outside.

The Exhibition, I was lucky to see it while there; An infinity of paintings and art exhibits from all kind of artists through all kind of times in history. From Da Vinci to Cezzane, from Miquelangello to Picasso. One thing in common, all of them UNFINISHED. How several artists from different times found even more beauty and interest leaving their creations unfinished.

The point is, if there is no a finished art product, since you can always enhance and enhance it to the infinity, why should we paint in detail the whole thing if the interest could just be in representing a part of it, leaving the rest self-explainable. Insinuation, Imagination

If you missed it, I’m sorry, but the exhibitions are changing constantly at the Met, so am pretty sure that the next one is also awesome! Go for it!


Mario Ferusic


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