Mariners vs Yankees

A couple of weeks ago I went to a baseball game at Safeco Field in Seattle. The local team Mariners was playing against the New York Yankees

I used to play in a women softball team in Croatia and am probably one of not so many Europeans that love this game. 🙂 So you can imagine that it was an especially exciting event for me watching finally a big game live. And the Yankees were playing, which are one of the most important teams. 

This was the first game of three in a row, and the Mariners won. (The other two games on the following days they lost.) I was glad that they won, because the atmosphere at the stadium was of course much better. In general the atmosphere at the stadium was surprisingly friendly. Yankees and Mariners fans, young, old, even small children, were sitting mixed together without any intolerance. Just cheering for their teams. At some soccer games in Europe this is unfortunately hardly imaginable. 

Safeco Field has a nice view on Seattle Downtown, and since the games are mostly played in the evening, you might also get a nice sunset over the skyline. 

Warning: For all those who don’t know the rules – watching a game could be really boring 😉 

Anja Brakus


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