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How to get a phone simcard in USA

In this post you will find which companies do you have in USA and the different options they offer.

Hello there architects!

I came to New York thinking I could use my dual Simcard Telephone, just getting a new simcard and keep my spanish whatsapp number, both in the same phone. I asked around which companies were the big ones that had better service here, and here are the names I found out about:

AT&T : I was said it was the one with better service in New York. Here you can find a 45 $ rate with unlimited phone calls and text messages, and 3 GB of data. If you associate the rate to your debit card you can low it down to 40 $. At the end, 3 GB are not enough for a month, but with the wifi at work and at home it is easy to save them for when you are out of the wifi area. Here, for 40 $ you can also get a phone, not a good one but still one with the american plug. They tried the AT&T simcard data in my spanish phone and we saw it was very slow, so they sent me to T– Mobile. The international phonecalls are quite expensive

T–Mobile : Here I don´t remember very well, but I think you could buy one simcard for 35 $ with 2.5 GB per month or the 50 $ rate with 5 GB, I am not sure. Both were per month, and if you wanted a new phone, you could get one per 40 $, but I was recommended to take one better per 60 $. I asked to try the data of the simcard in my spanish phone and they said I had to buy it first, but if I bought it without taking a phone with it, the phone would be more expensive if I bought it separately. So I didn´t like it and I went to the AT&T. No free international calls either.

Verizon : this is the one that every american people I know have. I think may be the one which offers best service in town, though for getting a phone you have to be paying it monthly during two years period.

J1 Simcard : this is an option I didn´t know until I met a guy who told me about it. It is a simcard that you order online and it is 40 $ rate, with unlimited text messages, phone calls, 3 GB of data and the most important thing, free international calls!Though I was said the connection is not very good, still makes the difference! You can use it with every liberated smartphone. Here is the link for getting for info: https://www.j1simcards.com/features

Hopefully this post can help the ones who are coming soon to USA, all the best!


Noelia Alvarez


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