If you want to enjoy a jazz concert, you might have been adviced to go to Birdland Jazz Club, located in 315 West 44th Street, crossing with 8th Ave in Manhattan. 

This club has been part of New York Musical Culture since 1945, because Chicago’s Top musicians had moved to New York in the mid-to-late 1920s and made of it the Jazz Meca. The club name comes from the musician Charlie Parker, whose musical nickname “Yardbird” was contracted to just “Bird”, and at that time he was the alto saxophone headliner. The club was located at first on Broadway 52th st, and it came to prominence for offering triple bills in the same night.

I went to see a Stacey Kent‘s concert, a jazz singer whose style has been lately influenced by brazilian rhtythms and it didn’t sound as a sassy and energetically contagious as I expected. Nonetheless, the intimacy she could print on us and the delicate tune of her voice which took as to another world in a moment was worht the $50 of the entrance.

The club has a little bar and then tables to seat to watch the show, placed in different levels for ensuring the great view of the stage, and it is remarkable the amount of pictures that cover the walls, and I assure you that the place is not small.

The drinks cost around $15, and you can also have dinner there. I recommend the Yardbird drink, it is alcoholic but sweet.

Hopefully you enjoy the show as much as I did!

Noelia Alvarez


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