An evening at the US Open

A fun and exciting evening at the US Open.

One of the biggest events in terms of sports that NYC is the host of is the US Open. For those less ventured in sports – The US Open is one of the Grand Slam tournaments in tennis. A very prestigious one at that with the top ranked players stepping out on the court. It is held out in Queens every year around the last week of August all through the first week of September.

This year we were offered tickets from the office for a night of tennis, and even though I have played tennis as a young girl I wouldn’t necessarily say I am a huge fan of the sport. I don’t really follow it or know anyone who is playing except for the really big names. With all that said, it was a great experience. I am very grateful for the tickets we got and would have loved to get the chance to see even more of the games played during the tournament.

We got to see two games in the last rounds of 16 in the Arthur Ashe stadium. First up were the women’s singles where Sabalenka won after getting two straight set, also making sure to place her 1st in the world ranking after the US Open. After that we got to witness a real marathon. In the men’s singles Sinner and Zverev were fighting on very equal grounds for their spot in the quarter finals. After 4 hours and 41 minutes on the court in a heat where even I who was just sitting down was sweating Zverev finally claimed his spot. It was an amazing game. They played great and the crowd and atmosphere made the experience even better. It was so much fun and I would love to go again.

Now that fall is slowly rolling in there will be a lot of other sports starting up again. There will be basketball, hockey and I am thinking I should also get myself to a baseball game as well. So now I look forward to diving into the sea of sports. See you on the other side.

Beatrice Dinu


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