City of runners

NYC is indeed a very active city and a very sporty one I would say. Doesn´t matter what´s the weather like, everyday you will find people running and jogging around. Back in Spain I would go for a run from time to time (whenever the weather would let me), but here I have made a promise to myself to go everyday no matter what, and I am doing great so far!

Morning runs

In New York City there is no excuse to wake up early and start moving your body. The sun rises so early already at this time of the year, and people are so so so active from so early in the morning that you just feel like some kind of guilt staying in bed and missing that great early hours. Every morning I go for a run around Central Park, and still feels like a dream.

Little by little

It is so easy to get involved in this runner world in here. Going for a run either solo or with a group, you find so much motivation in the air. There is a lot of runner groups that meet up some days or the weekend mornings and train for the multiples runs that the City offers along the year in different spots.

Run offers

All through the different seasons New York offers a lot of different runs. We have tons of different Marathons, Half Marathons, etc across the five boroughs.

Last weekend I participated in the 5K Memorial Run, organized by the 9/11 Memorial and Foundation, and it was just amazing. Feeling all that “nerves” before the start, running with thousands of people by the Harbor, and finishing under the One World Trade Center is something else, and of course the deserved bagel for breakfast after it, it was just an amazing morning.

My ultimate goal is to train and be able to run the Half Marathon next year, so let´s see how it goes!!

María Diez


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