My new life in L.A

For the last month, I was preparing everything to start my new life in Los Angeles and I don’t believe tomorrow I will be landing in LA. I was there before and I fell in love with the beach atmosphere, the constant holiday sensation and that chill vibe only in California.

I am a recently graduated architect from the University of Buenos Aires and I always have this goal of finishing my career and getting some experience in another country, cultural and professional. I worked for the last years as an intern on a small firm here in Argentina in which I learnt most of my ¨on the field¨ skills and many other things that the university does not teach you and the only way is to figure it out on the real world.

A year ago this was just a dream that I had on my mind until I started the reseatch and I discover the existence of ARCHITECT-US, from that moment I knew that this could be real at some point.

Architect-US was very helpful since the day I contacted them and was very committed when I decided to start. During the whole process since I got an offer they were there answering tons of mails and doubts that I had as it was all new for me.

I particularly want to thank Sonia Sanchez, the one who was speeding up the process and ensuring all deadlines were accomplished in a particular situation of a pandemic, she has done her best to get me here as soon as possible. 

Now that I have my Visa and flight confirmation I am very excited about this and cant wait to arrive and start my new life in SANTA MONICA!

¨The future depends on what you do today.¨– Mahatma Gandhi

Lucia Dominguez


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