Superbowl Sunday

Friends, food, music and American football too!

Hey everyone!

I never watched American football before and I certainly never understood the rules, but on February 4th that was all about to change. I was invited to the fabled Superbowl party at a friends house just outside of New York City. It was a small get together more than a party. My first foray into the experience of what is Superbowl Sunday, as it is called, was picking up the food. The restaurant was so crowded with other people picking up their food, it took me 15 whole minutes just to hand the waitress my ticket for her to begin gathering my order. Every Superbowl party, no matter in what city in what state in the US has a very strict menu. Straight off of a health foods store menu it consists mostly of chicken wings, BBQ wings, and pizza.

Then the game finally started, and it is long, believe me. The length the game was surpassed only by the amount of time required for me to understand the rules. While there are some similarities with rugby, there aren’t enough to really understand what’s going on. What major tenet of the Superbowl, for some people just as important as the game itself, is the halftime show. This long halftime show was led by Justin Timberlake. Then before I know it, the game returns and I am just as lost as when the first half ended. I guess I was surrounded by more Eagles fans than Patriots fans (the two teams that were playing) because they were pretty excited when the Eagles pulled off the upset and ended up beating the heavily favored Patriots. Then the game was over and I was on a train headed back to the city having had a good time, but also kind of wondering what all the fuss was about. The superbowl.

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