It’s a year already!

It was one year after arriving in the United States on March 6. I can’t believe it’s a year already! In all this time I lived so many professional and personal experiences that I don’t regret having made the decision to come to Philadelphia to work as an Architecture designer.

I remember that I arrived with many expectations and at the same time with many fears. My biggest fear was the language because I considered that my English level was intermediate. However, that didn’t become a barrier to follow my dreams. Now, I’m glad to say that my English level improved a lot  and I learned many technical words related to my career as well.

During this year I was challenging myself and as time passed I was gaining more knowledge on rules and regulations that we have to consider as an Architecture designer in Philadelphia. This is definitely a great benefit in our career, because it allows us to work anywhere in the world. We just must adapt to the regulations and local design parameters.

On the other hand, it’s impossible for me not to mention a very important event that is happening right now in the world “The coronavirus“. I’m in Philadelphia during this pandemic and I have to admit that during the quarantine I felt for first time that I was so far away from my family, friends and my country. At the beginning I was a little confused, but now I’m very grateful to still have the opportunity to work from home, to be in good health and above all I really appreciate the quality of people that I met here who is worry about me and try to support me in this difficult moment.

There are still a few months to finish my training program and I cannot be more than grateful for everything I have lived from the first day until now. I have gained a lot of professional experience and I have achieved many professional and personal goals. I met extraordinary people and I have been able to travel within The United States to different cities. I won’t never forget this experiences!

Gianina Aldazábal


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