Since I came to the United States, one of the places I wanted to visit without fail was San Francisco and finally the day came! I decided to spend my new year in San Francisco! I had high expectations and to be honest what I experienced there exceeded everything I imagined finding.

I decided to stay downtown, I thought it was a good price-quality ratio and I also have to admit that the transportation system was very favorable. I never had any problem moving from one place to another regardless of the time, so having all that to my advantage I was able to visit impressive tourist places.

The three places I will never forget are Sausalito, Alcatraz Island and Painted ladies. These have in common the incredible fusion that exists between architecture and nature. I was really impressed! It is as if in each place I was transported to a different place despite having so much in common, each one of them conveyed a different and unique feeling.

On the other hand, I have to admit that since I came to the United States, American food did not surprise me, but in San Francisco I ate the best crab of my life. It was exquisite!

Finally, I cannot fail to mention The Golden  Gate Bridge. The views I got walking from the beginning to the end of the bridge was amazing! Despite walking so close to traffic, you can still feel and connect with what’s around you. Nature, the sea, is something inexplicable.

San Francisco is one of the places that I will always carry in my heart, I enjoyed every moment of my stay and every day surprised me with something new. I was able to disconnect for a moment and just enjoy my present. It was a feeling I will never forget.


Gianina Aldazábal


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