Black Lives Matter

What is happening these days has been overwhelming, in a powerful and illuminating way. Coming from Europe it often seems easy to separate ourselves from the American version of systemic racism. But the reality is, this is not simply an American issue we can turn a blind eye to. Through listening and participating, I am starting to see so much more about what racism is, and how it works, in ourselves and in a society built on white supremacy. I feel truly lucky to be here and to listen to what is being said, and to learn as much as I can. This is just the beginning for me and there are so many amazing resources available that apply directly to our lives.

I am deeply both upset and hopeful that there is a lot we can do as a community to move the balance towards justice. A very accessible starting place where we can all begin as individuals is reading. I recently finished “White Fragility” by Robin Deangelo, which I highly recommend to all white people, and I feel inspired to quote it: “We can challenge our own racial reality by acknowledging ourselves as racial beings with a particular and limited perspective on race.

Knowing that we are here for a “short” period of time, I think it is an amazing opportunity to learn and understand that our reality is rooted in a deeply biased system that has needed to change for a long time, and to support people and organizations that are taking action to do that. I am excited to continue on this path, and to learn more about myself and my own community. 



Laura Cerpa


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