6 places you must go in NY

When I was thinking about what kind of helpful text I could write for the foreigners like me that will come to New York, the first thought that came to mind was all the amazing places I discovered since I arrived. The amazing exhibitions that I have seen, the restaurants where I had the most delicious meal and the cool bars where I met friends. So instead of talking about the usual subjects that have been written in this blog, I thought that a list of cool and cheap places to go when you want to have fun would be a cool thing to write about.

1- Last weekend I went to a Brazilian restaurant/bar called «Miss Favela», near the Williamsburgh Bridge in Brooklyn, where you can listen to awesome bossa nova, drink an amazing caipirinha and eat all kinds of Brazilian dishes.

2- If you are a lover like me of Italian food, you must go to Bar Pitti in Midtown. It’s a little pricey but I can assure you will have a wonderful culinary experience.

3- Do you ever tried Ramen before? If you didn’t you must go to Ramen-Ya. The food is awesome and if you are in the mood to have fun you have the Fat Cat Pussycat in front or Blue Note in the same street to hear some great jazz.

4- One of my favorite places, since I got here, is definitely Joe Coffee Company, in the corner of Gay St with Waverly Pl. I really like the vibe of the little coffee shop and there’s a lot of vegan and vegetarian options.

5- If you are in the mood for bowling and a Brooklyn Lager – that’s my favorite one- you should definitely go to The Gutter. It’s the coolest place ever to go bowling.


6- Jackbar is the right place if you want to have a fun afternoon with friends playing pinball!


I could continue with this list, and tell you about the restaurant where I fell in love with Jamaican food or the one where I started to love Korean BBQ, but I think I will leave these for the next post. See ya!

Sofia Melo

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